Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Going Home

Being raised in Northern Ohio, you come to love history, old houses, and the richness that only a small community brings. Some where locked up in those old houses are stories that are rich with what only family's bring; whether they are happy stories or sad, they are still a part of the history and I believe, just like the T.V. show, "If These Walls Could Talk", that facinating stories would come to be.

This blog is about my family's journey during our renovation of our 1889 National Historical Home located in Springfield, Ohio. From the time I started looking at houses until the project is completed. You will learn about our realtor, our plumber, our electrician, our finds to help put the Judge's house back where we feel he and his famliy would enjoy it today, the design software that I will be using to make the changes, and everything from paint right down to the last little fixture. You will even learn about batman.

Through this journey, I am going to introduce you to the people that through out all of this have, are, and will be a wonderful part of my deep seated passion for old homes, small communities, and people touching peoples lives. For without all of them, I could not help change the history of "Our Old Home" nor would I be able to show the world that it only takes one small step.